We gratefully acknowledge the support and contributions from and contributions of the following experts and collaborators.


  • Acumen, Inc: Marilyn Bown, Development Director
  • Deborah Bowman, Director of Programs at the Arc of Utah
  • Joyce Dolcourt, Director of Governmental Affairs
  • Disability Law Center Fraser Nelson, Executive Director
  • Division of Services for People with Disabilities: Paul Day, Associate Director
  • Employment Resource Center: Kathy Daley, Director
  • MetDesk: MetLife's Division of Estate Planning for Special Kids: Gary Napel, Financial Planner, and Arc of Utah Board Member
  • Office of Public Guardian: Karen K. Bradford, RG-NGF
  • Quality Support Solutions, Inc: Dannika Damronqsiri, Executive Director
  • Social Security Administration: Esther Medina, Area Work Incentives Coordinator
  • State Family Council: Pheobe Blackham, Executive Director
  • Utah Parent Center: Jennie Gibson, Associate Director
  • This training was funded in part by a grant from the Utah Developmental Disabilities Council

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