Medicaid - Part 6

How do I apply for this waiver?

Contact your local Area Agency on Aging or call the Division of Aging and Adult Services at 1-801-538-3910 for more information.

  • An Intake Worker from your local Area Agency on Aging will do a phone interview and give you a risk score
  • The county nurse and or case manager will follow-up using the Minimum Date Set-Home and Community (MDS-HC) to evaluate your needs
  • You will be placed on an application list
  • When funding is available, your level of care will be determined and you will be brought into services. At this time there is no waiting list. Eligible individuals are brought into services immediately.
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How to be successful getting the services you need through the Medicaid programs

  • Have required documentation available for eligibility determination
  • Ask for help from your Intake Worker if you are not able to complete the applications on your own
  • Complete all required paperwork in the timeframe specified
  • Request a reevaluation of your needs assessment if there is a change in the health or behavior of the person with disabilities, or in the ability of the family to care for this individual
  • Contact your support coordinator/case manager/nurse coordinator frequently
  • Document all your communications with state agency personnel
  • If you have a problem, try to resolve it at the lowest level
  • Contact your support coordinator/case manager/nurse coordinator
  • Contact the agency?s ombudsman. The ombudsman cannot change your ranking on a waiver waiting list. S/he can make sure that you are treated courteously throughout the process.
  • File for an appeal

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