What you don't know about Intellectual Disabilities...

The same things we love about children, we love about people with intellectual disabilities.  They are innocent and filled with excitement about the world.  Their perspectives are disarming, surprising, and profound.  


Intellectual Disabilities are common and life-long

3% of the population has an ID.  Thats about 7 Million people in the United States alone.  Most of these will never progress past a certain intellectual age.  The condition can be caused by Down syndrome, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Fragile X syndrome, or other birth defects, as well as by infections, head injuries, or stroke.  Although in some cases, improvements can be made (especially in the case of strokes or Traumatic brain injuries), 

Intellectual disabilities wide ranging

Some of those with Intellectual disabilities will take longer to learn how to talk, walk and learn in school than the rest of the population.  Others will need lifelong support and care.  Many are under the care of their immediate families, however there are a significant number without family support who must rely on government agencies, non-profits and the general public for food, clothing, and fulfillment. 

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intellectual disabilities are forgotten

Unlike those with physical disabilities, people with an ID are unable to advocate for themselves, and they tend to fade into the background of society.  We strongly believe that through opportunities and programs, we can make the lives of those with Intellectual Disabilities joyful and fulfilling, and that they can make our lives more joyful and fulfilling as well.