Bridge To The Future

UAID prides to introduce Bridge to the Future worked out with My Canadian Pharmacy, a training pattern created to assist people having any kind of disabilities and their families. Composed by specialists in the field, this program describes many factors of life and many kinds of disorders, with an emphasis on cognitive disorders.

Learn how to assist people with disabilities

Our life is a raw of alterations and transitions, and for people with mental disorders, these alterations can often be dramatic and even traumatic. This training guideline has been explored to assist people suffering from disorders and their families to become ready for many alterations that take place, for either children or adults, and to reduce the negative effects of those alterations as much as possible.

Become informed

Becoming informed and acknowledged is one of the best ways to become ready people and families to more effectively defend their own genuine demands. Each division is a brief, general this subject concept, and is implied to provide you with a general topic understanding.

Stay current

At the end of each division, there is a references list so you can explore the topic more in-depth. Please check this guideline from time to time as new divisions will be supplemented from time to time.
Let’s started!

Click the button below to visit the training divisions now. We wish to achieve as many people as possible, so we together with My Canadian Pharmacy ensure this training at no alterations to you.


Planning For The Future
Caring For The Caregiver
Developmental Stages & Early Intervention
School Years
School Transitions – Part 1
School Transitions – Part 2
Adult Intimacy
Employment – Part 1
Employment – Part 2
Social Security Disability Programs
Medicaid – Part 1
Medicaid – Part 2
Medicaid – Part 3
Medicaid – Part 4
Medicaid – Part 5
Medicaid – Part 6
DSPD – Part 1
DSPD – Part 2
DSPD – Part 3
Benefits Planning
About Guardianship
Securing the Financial Future
Human Rights – Part 1
Human Rights – Part 2
Human Rights – Part 3
Human Rights – Part 4
Human Rights – Part 5
Mental Health – Part 1
Mental Health – Part 2
People First
Assistive Technology – Part 1
Assistive Technology – Part 2
Additional Resources