Financial Assistance and Credit Capacity Of Disabled People

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 61 million US adults (1 in 4 adults) live with health restrictions. 13.7% of them are restricted in independent movement and have difficulty walking or climbing stairs. 10.8% of citizens with cognitive disorders – when it is difficult to focus attention, remember information, make a decision. 6.8% of disabled people cannot serve themselves independently, do housework. In more severe cases, people have difficulty dressing and bathing on their own. 5.9% of citizens have problems with hearing, 4.6% – with vision.

Meanwhile, 2 out of 5 at the age of 65+ belong to the category with disabilities (HIA). By gender, 1 in 4 women in the United States lives with disabilities. American adults with disabilities are more likely to suffer from obesity (38.2%), heart disease (11.5%) and diabetes (16.3%).

Researchers assess that households for an adult with a work-disability require, on average, 28% more income (or an additional $17,690 a year for a household at the median income level) to get the same standard of living as a comparable household without a member with a disability.

Financial support for people with disabilities

Social security and additional income programs for people with disabilities are the largest among federal programs. They provide assistance to people with disabilities in the USA. Social disability insurance provides benefits not only to a person with disabilities, but also to some members of his family. In addition, social support agencies provide free nurses for those who cannot independently serve themselves at home.

Thus, the life of people with disabilities in the United States is not limited in any way. Equal rights with everyone, full accessible infrastructure and the inadmissibility of discrimination in any sphere of human life. Those living with disabilities cannot be denied work or housing, left without state support and without means of livelihood.

Credit capacity for people with disabilities

Disability is not a reason for not issuing a loan. Citizens from this group have a permanent source of income in the form of social benefits, can confirm their solvency with property documents, a guarantee, an income certificate. If you live in GA, payday loans in Marietta GA to a disabled person can be issued from home online to a card — in case of lack of mobility, you can take out the necessary amount without leaving home.

How to apply for a payday loan for disabled people in Georgia?

Many lenders offer to get a loan for disabled people online in 1 minute. On this page, loyal companies have already been selected that are ready to give a trouble-free loan to cards. It is not possible to get interest—free cash advance, disability by law does not give such a right (maximum – extraordinary consideration of the application in the bank).

To get trouble-free payday loans in Georgia online within a few minutes, sort the issue by the necessary characteristics:

  • payment by card or to an electronic wallet;
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