Healthy Lifestyles Graduation Party
Thank you Splore for an amazing adventure !! 


                          Everything is FREE for our clients.

          •        Do you want to help people with intellectual disabilities?      
          •       Do you enjoy helping people learn new crafts?
                                                  **UAID has volunteer led activities weekly!
          •        Do you share a passion for the visual or performing arts? 
                                                  **Come sing & dance with our clients!
          •        Do you like to do activities as a family, business neighborhood, or church group?
          •        Do you have kids becoming Eagle Scouts or need volunteer hours for school? 
          •        Do you have used clothing or household goods?
                                Pick up is Free ! Call to schedule today !


    As always-UAID takes no government money, uses volunteers to the max, charges the clients nothing, so your donations reaches many more individuals with intellectual disabilities.

                                                Thanks for your help!!


                    NEED A TAX DEDUCTION????  AS ALWAYS, UAID (Utah                     Association for Intellectual Disabilities) is a great charitable donation. UAID      is a 501 c 3 nonprofit  that is volunteer driven (only one part time paid staff        person), does not charge   the clients for anything that they do and does not    apply for any government money, ( leaving the funding intact for agencies       that deal with critical care needs like housing, medical, etc.)UAID relies on a number of donors that make donations throughout the year. Fundraisers held all year long by volunteers and clients to help support the many programs. 

 To Donate:

                                Mail a check to:  P. O. Box 25304 Salt Lake City, Utah 84125

                                • Online through our website Donate!

                                Drop it in person at our office: 1453 S. Major Street

                                                                          Salt Lake City, Utah 84125

        What's New at UAID?
                           New opportunities for personal development, socialization, and fun are on the horizon at UAID:
  •  Healthy Lifestyles workshops are available to help people develop the knowledge and skills to live a healthy, productive life.
      • Thanks to a generous donation, UAID is conducting an pilot program Connections through Computers. This program  offers computers to  individuals for their personal use at home, along with introductory training on computer use.

See the program section for more information.



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